Posted by: saabnuts | March 4, 2010

Saab Thank You

Original image courtesy of Saabs United and ElkParts

Click to download original pdf from Elkparts if desired. Text from image is below.

Text from ad above is as follows (since image is difficult to read at the size I uploaded):

“To all of you who never stopped believing.

Thank you, Saab owners, members of Saab clubs and enthusiasts who have driven in support convoys all over the world. Thank you, suppliers and dealers, trade unions, local authorities, the Swedish government and many many others who have helped and stood by us.

And thank you, fellow employees. You have something special, something that makes you refuse to give up. You find solutions even when there’s one problem after another. Time and time again you demonstrate the astonishing power of the Saab brand.

For you the question has never been if things will be resolved, only when. Now we know. The deal is signed and Saab Automobile is part of Spyker Cars NV. Now we can concentrate 100% on doing what we do best: develop and build safe, sporty cars that are fun to drive and good for the environment. Cars made with the unrelenting determination that takes us through any crisis. And that is something to be really grateful for. Follow the new Saab at”

Thank you again to everyone at Saab from the Saabnuts behind this little blog and around the world.

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