Posted by: saabnuts | April 30, 2015

A new car does not stay new

Our new 2011 Saab 9-3 X or AWD isn’t really a new car but is new to us, and never before owned except as a dealer car.

We have had too many near colissions with deer in our area. to count, and until now only once previously did we hit any with our cars.

My prior deer hit was in the 1980’s in my 99 EMS when when stopped, and a deer charged the Saab,  hit me head on, went up over the hood, windshield, an open sunroof and off the back hatch & turbo tail.

Nary a scratch was left behind, just a lot of fur and an injured deer.

But tonight my wife was not lucky enough to miss an animal again and had a deer run into the 9-3X, though most fortunately my wife is ok, and the Saab will survive.

2011 Saab 9-3X Deer accident damage 4-30-2015 002

Though she had precious little time to react my wife managed to stop the Saab but the deer still ran into the car.

Deer seem to panic near some cars in our area, and I suspect other animals panic in this way elsewhere, making avoiding them difficult to impossible sometimes.

The deer managed to go up over the hood and front of the car, tumbling end over end, barely making off the other side of the road.

Don’t know if the deer is ok, it hit hard, but it was not in an area where my wife or local police could easily find it in the woods.

I’m still relieved my wife was in a Saab and believe if you take a deer or moose hit, these are THE cars to be in.

Two little dents on the hood, and a loose radiator grille I hope to pop back into place… and a lot of fur, much of which was removed before photos.

2011 Saab 9-3X Deer accident damage 4-30-2015 006

I am so glad that my wife is ok, and it amazes us both that the car is fine too, which is just a bonus.

It was not a fun experience for my mrs.

We feel terribly about the poor animal but these encounters are all too common and sometimes unavoidable. It wasn’t a “clean kill” if you will pardon the use of that term if it offends, causing some guilt about the animal meeting a painful, prolonged end.

Thumbs up to my wife’s eagle eyes, and her safe and great driving skills, because it could have been so much worse, making really happy that my mrs. made it home to me 🙂

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