Posted by: saabnuts | February 15, 2012

Saab 900 NG EVO video

Updated:  Around 51 seconds into the video, there is a flash from the wastegate.  This Saab has some very impressive performance numbers!

Thank you to everyone for the information in comments.

Links in the video and on youtube for more info are: and

I like that SAABotage name for a url  🙂

I am told in comments that this car owned by “Ubiq from”  and that the car has been “tuned by Coobcio Garage”.  Very nice job folks!  Very nice!

Also if I understand correctly this Saab car is producing 420 horsepower.  WOW!!!  🙂

I love it!


  1. This flame… it’s outlet from westegate, It is directed on the road.
    The owner of this 900NG is Ubiq from
    Car tuned by Coobcio Garage.

  2. This is the Fire from westgate:)))

  3. currently the SAAB EVO has 420 horsepower

  4. Turbo from Mitsubishi EVO X.

  5. Wow 🙂 My 900 😀 Everything is ok with my SAAB. Fire is from westegate under car.

    • I that turbo manifold for sale..I live in the u.s. And been putting together the same turbo kit..but need someone to make the manifold is so how much and who do I talk to thanks..mike d.

  6. Thank you everyone for the information and details!

  7. Look for a link from my signature. This is the same saab with stock gearbox.
    Auto power was + / – 370 horsepower.

    0:15 – 170km/h
    0:36 – 190km/h
    0:37/0:38 – fourth gear did not move up

    3 people in the car and gearbox in the rack

  8. If you are interested.. Visit our youtube channel about SAAB 900 classic

    short information about modification saab 9-5 and five films from the classic Saab 900 reconstruction. 900 will be sold for charity auction. money from the auction will be allocated to rehabilitation of a little girl, Klara..



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