Posted by: saabnuts | February 11, 2017

Beware OnStar Shady Tactics

OnStar stinks and is a money grubbing filthy entity, as if that's news...

OnStar stinks and is a money grubbing filthy entity, as if that’s news…

We have both a 2011 and 2009 Saab 9-3X models which included OnStar modules from the factory.

We subscribed to OnStar for 1 year (yes, arguably a waste of money) but we did it.

During that time we used not only the built in OnStar phone but paired our phones via bluetooth with the car’s radio / OnStar system.

We let both OnStar subscriptions lapse.

OnStar / GM sent letters to us warning us the service would lapse and in one case demanded we call and let them know when one of the cars would be accessible to send a deactivation signal.

Although my mobile phone is still “paired” to the cars when I get in the car, if I try to make a call, even though OnStar says it will use the paired device, the call won’t go through, telling me I have no (OnStar) minutes to use.

Also fun? The Bluetooth menu has vaporized in BOTH cars.

So now I can’t add a new phone (had to replace one of our mobiles and can’t pair it with either car), which is ok, if not being able to use your own phone and the bluetooth we paid for in the car price (that’s sarcasm about it being ok).

I spoke to 2 OnStar “specialists” and we tried a radio reset (shut off the car for 2 minutes) – that’s a reset?

They are opening a bluetooth trouble ticket for me. Will take 3 to 5 days to hear back if they let me know anything.

But OnStar suggests I need to go to a Saab dealer to get a radio reset or bluetooth update for both cars.

Seriously? My cars both suddenly need a bluetooth update to restore the menu that disappeared after we stopped paying subscription fees?

What do we think that will cost to get fixed?

OnStar, YOU owe us working hardware, you broke our bluetooth in 2 cars remotely, you need to fix it, us going to the car dealers and paying to fix what you broke remotely is not right.

Shall I upload the letters to this site and others, which you sent us, demanding to get access to the cars to “deactivate” the hardware?

OnStar and GM tactics pulling nonsense like this are heinous and shameful.

When we replace our Saabs, we will look at anything but general motors cars.

Shame on you OnStar and GM, for breaking a feature that you admit is supposed to be independent of your OnStar service, for breaking it remotely and not being able to fix it and sending me to a car dealer to pay god knows what to get it fixed.

If you know me, hear this: Volvo, Ford, whatever are all looking good right now.

No, I should not pick a car brand based upon some inane feature like bluetooth, let alone give up the safety, reliability, handling and comfort of a Saab for it, or I may as well buy a Camry.

But I am fed up with this specialized brand of nonsense, not blaming my beloved Saab people, just the company that once owned Saab and owns OnStar, and does things like hide facts when they know there’s an issue such as dangerous ignition switches that result in people dying. Bravo GM!

Angry Saab guy of 31 years, out.

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