Posted by: saabnuts | October 29, 2015

Those of you who follow Saab cars likely do not need me to mention Saabnet to you.

Surely, Scott who started The Saab Network aka Saabnet 27 or so years ago, does not need MY help promoting the site, but I am doing it anyway!

A quick thank you and kudos to Scott for running the longest standing and my favorite of Saab site, from the bulletin boards to the classifieds, Saabnet is second to none.

I’ve also recently listed two of our current Saabs for sale on Saabnet Classifieds.

I have to say, it is worth every penny to advertise on Saabnet.

As to classified ads on Saabnet, from the moment we listed our cars on Saabnet, inquiries started pouring in from both near and far around the globe. No joke, no exaggeration.

Selling a car on Saabnet feels a little like what I can only imagine it feels like for an ice cream vendor to be selling cool treats at a beach on a beautiful warm day 🙂

Saabnet is an unparalleled resource for Saab owners and buyers.

There are friendly and knowledgeable people on Saabnet who help one another out tirelessly and other fun site features and great resources for parts and people who know and service the Saabs.

Thank you Scott and Saabnet members as well.

It has also been great to hear from fellow admirers of these cars and to see how intelligent most interested buyers are including knowing what questions to ask.

I tell everyone I know, as often as I can, if you have a Saab to sell or are looking for a Saab, Saabnet is THE place to go.

Thank you once more to Scott and a salute to you for what you have done and built so consistently and for so long. Well done sir, and thank you for staying committed to all of us and our cars.

It would be much more difficult to own and maintain these cars if not for people like Scott and the Saabnet members.

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