Posted by: saabnuts | October 3, 2014

Woody rides again!

Woody and Red matching 02 9-3's

Pictured above are our nearly identical twin 2002 Saab 9-3’s

I think the car in the foreground is the one we nicknamed “Woody” for several reasons, including allowing us to differentiate between our Saabs, which red, 2002 9-3 we are referring to, when talking.

The name is not interesting but that doesn’t stop me from including such boring details 😉

This post is just a little celebration of a few facts.

1) The fact that we are happy our Saab dealer, Valenti Saab in Watertown, CT has retained their excellent Saab techs and is still servicing our old cars.  Thanks also for providing us a wonderful Audi loaner while our car was rebuilt and repaired. Thank you to everyone at Valenti Motors!

2) Woody, like 2 of our other Saabs which we kept for 16 and 17 years, and which were driven daily, on salty (during winter) New England roads, had a little rust issue that resulted in some serious suspension concerns.

Thanks to our talented and willing Saab Tech’s, Woody has a new lease on life and is riding smoothly down the bumpy, windy roads in our area as he did before, and as a Saab should ride…

For now, we remain a 2 driver, 4 car household, proudly and happily enjoying our little Saab fleet.

I wish there were brighter news in the world on the future of NEVS / Saab automobiles.

Like many Saab owners we continue to consider what we will drive if Saabs are someday not a “daily driver” option, but based upon the wonderful treatment we receive at our dealer, we think we will drive whatever they sell and service.

Excellent service is not easy to find and we do appreciate it!

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