Posted by: saabnuts | November 3, 2015

Viggen gets a bath

There will be no awards for my photography or choice of setting for the photos.

It’s a hideously ugly car wash in a run down industrial neighborhood where I took out the camera phone and with bad lighting and perish the thought, I used the camera’s flash!

But at 15 years old, I still can’t believe how pretty I think our 2000 Viggen is no matter what the setting.

Just a quick wash today with a more proper one planned this week to fully remove the bird droppings and bugs that find the car even on the shortest of drives.

And why is it, that after cleaning a car, and driving home, 5 miles? The birds still find me at dusk so that the car returns home with %$#* on it?

Viggen at the car wash 11-2-2015 002 800

I’ll also admit that I am a sucker if you will, for all nearly things Saab produced, even the Saabs some hate, but I do have my favorites from the oldest prototypes to the 95, 96, Sonett, the 99 EMS and Turbo, 900 SPG, 9000 Aero & CSE, Viggen, and on the list goes.

Having just sold our 99, the Viggen’s garage mate, I hate to admit the Viggen, pretty as she is, does not have the curves front and rear of a 99.

That doesn’t mean I don’t admire the Viggen’s aesthetics, and although I feel sad going through our garage and not seeing the 99, seeing the 2011 9-3X in the garage is a treat.

But what really gets me going? Driving the cars of course, and I think that’s what it is all about for me, for us, going to the trouble of owning cars that are now not as practical as other choices.

I am blessed to share my life with a woman who somehow got the Saab bug too and hates driving ANYTHING else.

As well fortunate to have owned some of the cars I always wanted to own…

And THRILLED to have driven the Viggen again, and that EVERY TIME I drive it, I remember why I don’t ever want to sell it.

It doesn’t have blutooth, which I hate to admit is incredibly convenient and helpful in the 2009 and 2011 9-3X’s we own, BUT I’ll also admit, the last thing I want to do is be on phone returning calls when I am in the Viggen.

The car ends up being a needed and welcome sanctuary for this self-employed, work-a-holic.

As much as I LOVED our 99 Turbo and it’s more “pure human meets machine” kind of feel to drive, as well our now gone 1993 900 Turbo and ’94 900 Turbo which were both a blast, the Viggen for me, is an ultimate combination of being an incredibly able grandchild of the 99 Turbo but with incredible refinement and comfort.

Yes, even in middle age, I like the premium sound system, and everything else about the car.

I know others complain about torque steer and other issues, but I’ve never had a complaint about our Viggen, no offense to more discerning Saabers.

For me, the Viggen does what I ask and ably and without frightening me that I am going to total it and hit a tree.  Then again, when I do push a car, I am also careful NOT to do it where anything bad will happen. 😉

One more pic of our baby below, and the suggestion that if you haven’t driven one, I still recommend the Viggen and am SO glad we bought it new and have been able to KEEP it new.

I think it is a well refined machine, and does not need to be driven at its limits even though it CAN be driven that way, but I want ours to last 🙂

Viggen at the car wash 11-2-2015 001 800

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