Posted by: saabnuts | November 1, 2015

Halloween at our house

It is official, Saab #9 in our lifetime of Saabs has arrived home. Does buying your 9th Saab get a plaque or certificate? 😉

We are happy to welcome the newest member of the Saab fleet home, a 2009 9-3 AWD in blue.

2009 Saab 9-3X comes home 800

Formerly owned by a dear friend and well cared for, we now have sort of matching Saabs again with blue above matching our 2011 9-3X

2011 Saab 9-3X home 8w

But it was a busy and hectic day, at one point having 5 Saabs here, preparing to show 1 of our Saabs, the 1978 99 Turbo to a buyer.

Our driveway can and has held 6 cars easily, the garage has 2 spaces, BUT if you want to drive anything other than the cars at the bottom of the driveway, it does require effort.

So for part of Saturday, there were 5 Saabs here, all ours.

I could not help but to take some pics, nothing fancy as a neighbor watched and thought we had visitors, all of whom happened to own Saabs. Um, I thought he’d figured out by now I’m a Saab nut 😉

Below, short term view from the garage, Saab party attendees were: Viggen on left, 99 Turbo half out the door, and in a row on left in driveway, 2011 9-3X, 2009 9-3X / AWD, and 2002 9-3 SE in red

Saab party 800

Next is view from street, a parking nightmare and yet the kind of thing perhaps only a Saab person can appreciate 🙂

A beauiful site but 800

A closer view of driveway while the blue 2008 was in the street and 99 hood was up and before or after Viggen got out of garage for its afternoon jog.

Saab pile up in driveway 800

and finally a few pics of the 99 Turbo which has a new home with a great new owner

99 and new owner under hood 800

Just because I think the 99 is among the most beautiful of Saabs ever made, more…

The beautiful 99 800

I love the hood and nose on the 99, but hood or bonnet being open, I got a picture of that curvy back end I adore so much.

99 rear 800

… and the side proudly touting the turbo power of the car, I wasn’t actually a fan of graphics but the person who restored did a superb job reproducing the original graphics.

99 side 800

and finally another shot of one of my childhood dream cars which I am thankful to have owned two of in my life.

A childhood dream car 800

Closing notes:

The 99 has a new home, and the 2011 9-3X scored a coveted garage spot, but we will both forever miss seeing and driving the 99 Turbo.

The 99 made me smile every single time I drove but also just seeing it in the garage, as does our Viggen, oh heck all of them, but the 99 was truly special in part as a car of my youth that I was able to own again as an older adult.

Finally; on the way to its home with new owner at the wheel, the old 99 Turbo faced a challenge.

New owner was cut off by an SUV driver on a dark state highway known for deer collisions.

The SUV immediately locked up its brakes in front of the 99.

The 99 and her great new owner were able to avoid hitting the SUV which hit a deer, sending SUV and deer parts everywhere.

A testament to Saabs for us is how well these cars can take a hit from deer or moose, but also how well they can help a driver avoid hitting things in the first place, and being able to respond with quick steering and braking even at 60 miles per hour plus.

Kudos to the new owner and Saab. May you both live long together, shiny side up.

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