Posted by: saabnuts | November 14, 2015

Saab Day


Above is a partial view outside the windows here, sun coning up, still low 40’s temp wise (feels like 38 according to local weather).

Our 2009 9-3X and 2002 9-3 SE are waiting to be driven and loved, and…

Who cares? I do. As winter approaches slowly here in New England, my Viggen driven days are dwindling, and having had some rain this week, I’m excited to see sun and no rain forecast.

Once the roads dry it should be a Viggen day, and a light weekend for me work wise, a welcome change.

Wishing everyone else who has a car strictly for enjoyment is also able to get theirs out.

Driving the Viggen again will be a highlight of the day.

Raking more of the leaves that fell in our backyard this weekend? Not as much fun.

It will be nice to get out and enjoy nature today though as much as I like nature, we both despise ONE tree in a neighbor’s yard where the leaves all seem to blow solely in our direction, generating tons of clean up for us, while the neighbor gets only the beauty of that tree and shade in summer, we get their leaves.

Thankful to have power equipment to assist in cleaning up that mess… and to have the diversion of Saab driving on the agenda as all work and no play, makes this “Jack,” insane 😉

Turbo up! I will need some turbo grade energy to get those leaves done after having done many days of leaf cleanup already in the last 3 weeks.

Many have mentioned to me the latest “advice” that we should not pickup leaves, and I’ve been thinking that for years myself, no one rakes the forests, let nature do what it does naturally.  But we have a lawn, and if you don’t pick up the leaves, well you know, you won’t have a lawn to enjoy come Spring and our tiny dogs do need someplace to “go”.

I’m also insane enough to snow blow our yard during winter because we have very short, tiny dogs who otherwise can’t go outside without an area cleared of snow for them, and the leaves are not compatible with the snow blower.

Again, who cares? 🙂  I do.

Driving the Viggen still seems far more appealing than the rest of my household to do list this weekend.

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