Posted by: saabnuts | October 22, 2015

Somebody stop me!

Not that anyone reads this blog other than a few friends but I’m posting anyway.

If have a disease, or an addiction to Saabs.

I’ve yet to muster the courage to place ads to sell any of our 4 Saabs.

Yet we are buying another. That brings us back up to 5 for now, and #9 in our lifetime.

Red and MomCat 5-5-2011

The blue 2009 9-3X in photo above with “my” “Red” 2002 9-3 was purchased new by a dear friend before Saab became NEVS, and that dear friend is going rogue and back to Volvo where we may end up eventually.

Blue (Inga) has 41,000 miles on her. She’s minty fresh, loved and gently driven, and I want her.

So here comes Saab #5 (or 9) and I DO want to sell, sort of, the 2002 and the 99 Turbo.

Nothing wrong with the 2002 or 99, but I’d like to put our 2011 in the garage, and Mrs. Saabnuts agrees she would too.

Not that anyone would care but we think we will make the 2009 the new daily driver and keep the javamet 2011 with it’s 28k lower miles on it.

Just feels so foolish to replace my 2002 with only 56k on it, nothing wrong, no rust, and to give up our 2nd to last hatchback and 3rd to last manual transmission Saab.

We’re hoping someone else will be tickled to find well loved Saabs if I get the nerve up to let them go, dying breed as we may be.

But even this Saab nut has limits, or should.  But for now it will be fun to make the neighbors whatever they are, seeing us jam another Saab onto the property… I know my family won’t like it and maybe that’s reason enough to buy a car we don’t “need” 😉

The Viggen is staying too. How many mint Viggens are there with only 15k on the odometer that haven’t been beaten?


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