Posted by: saabnuts | November 4, 2015

Shifting Saabs Around

After another 3 hours at our local registry bureau aka DMV, 7 hours total time including a useless emissions test, our 2009 Blue 9-3X is street legal!

Red and MomCat 5-5-2011 #3

The blue car is now without the badges our friend and previous owner sported, and was delivered to us incredibly clean and loved.

It was another boring day of moving Saabs around, removing and attaching license plates, etc. and I am still anxious to get more up to date and clean Viggen pictures as well pictures of this pretty blue 9-3.

Sometimes I hate driving our Saabs. When and why? Who cares? No one. But I do.

Having driven the 2002 on the highway today versus my more typical local, but also locally driven today, I remembered how much fun even that “plain Jane” 9-3 SE is.

It is still dirty and now full of extra tires and wheels and things to be given to a new owner, and yet it was still a blast.

So the next car to be sold or whatever, made me want to keep it, partly because it is fun to drive a manual / stick, and I’ve been doing more 9-3X automatic transmission driving, for routine use.

Sure, I’ve been driving or was driving the 99 Turbo and Viggen too with sticks, but after 9-3X automatic driving, the red car was still fun, also because of how it handles.

Darn it, why did they make these cars so appealing to me? 😉

And why is everyone so crabby and mean, or most people visiting the DMV? I get it, no one likes waiting around for 3 plus hours in a room full of icky smells, and people sneezing and coughing on you, and people yelling, but deal with it, we all must do this or hire a concierge to register cars for us.

Driving the Saabs was a highlight of the day and driving several of them at that.

Trying to activate OnStar in the 2009? Not so much fun. Our non regular dealer recently replaced the module at no small expense to previous owner, and onstar is confused as to what kind of car it is now, in spite of me giving them the VIN id.

Sad is, OnStar reps not knowing what Saab is or how to spell Saab, and asking me if it was something made by GM, and accidentally, repeatedly attempting to DE-activate OnStar in the 2011 Saab we also own.

It’s a neat service if the car gets stolen or in an accident, but having used the full featured OnStar in other cars during the free trial, we were never impressed.

And they’ve now outsourced initial contact and support to somewhere outside our “homeland” and the service, I am sorry to say is not as good.

Don’t know if I will get the OnStar activated in Blue 2009 or not, they can’t do much with it as they do for other GM models, but tracking a stolen car or calling for help if there’s an accident seemed worth burning the money on to us.

If nothing else, the blutooth handsfree calling thing is nice.

Mrs. Saabnutrs claimed the blue Saab today, we will see if she likes and keeps it or goes back to the 2011 in Javamet.  I won’t care which she chooses, as I will end up with the other and that’s more than ok with me.

Some pics from morning before Blue set sail for daily use, and I want to wash it again and it WAS clean Saturday.

Oh, I wanted to be past that younger phase of my life washing cars everyday! oh well 😉

Meanwhile I will wash Javamet 2011 again and possibly the Viggen. Can never be too clean, right?… as long as I don’t take the paint off!

2009 Saab 9-3 X 001 800

2009 Saab 9-3 X 002 800

2009 Saab 9-3 X 004 800

2009 Saab 9-3 X 005 800

2009 Saab 9-3 X 006 800

2009 Saab 9-3 X 007 800

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