Posted by: saabnuts | December 26, 2015

3 Saabs, 2 dogs, 2 drivers

2011 Saab 9-3 X 001 800

2009 Saab 9-3 X 006 800

Viggen at the car wash 11-2-2015 002 800

What’s left of the Saab collection, and thankful for it.

Actually missed the “red” guy today as I finally escaped a painful and never ending round the clock pile of work for an hour.

Red 2002 Saab 9-3 SE last day here 12-21-2015 011 600

But for a change, I drove the 2009 blue car which is not the one I typically drive (either Brown 2011 or Viggen).

Still and always a bit odd to me to jump between nearly identical Saabs and notice little differences, and torture myself with the most mundane questions of, do I like this one or that one better?

No matter, blue did what it is designed to do, and well enough.

These AWD 9-3 cars do still remind me of my Volvo 240 days, sorry Saab, though like a 240 with Turbo and much better handling and modern safety and conveniences.

While the AWD 9-3’s may feel a little Volvo-esque, I will mention that a few opportunities arose to realize, hey, this thing does have a turbo and wow, I’m glad, I needed it to pull out into busy holiday traffic.

I also noticed in typical Saab fashion, mr. blue climbed a notoriously steep, curvy and dangerous local mountain road, and without me trying, accelerated his way up it, and was incredibly sure footed doing so in the rain. Thank you Saab. It also does not handle like a Volvo 240, though I don’t push it at all while it wears winter / snow tires, the point of them being to remain sticky and new for the ice that may someday find New England this year.

And what have I learned this week though I realize only we care?

Blue is our new “Woody”, the rusty red 2002 sold back in Spring 2014 who would have eaten us alive on repairs had we let him.

Sooner or later we will get the kinks worked out in suspension, electronics and so on. Hopefully it doesn’t get stuck in Park again either but I have a feeling that and other transmission anomalies are still there, in fact I know it, I can tell, but what do I know?

Hopefully things like the mp3 jack will work again too, really pointless stuff and yet after driving old cars for so long? I want that factory radio and all of the features including telephone to work. We will keep Saab parts and e-euro and others in business even if we could not keep the whole of Saab in tact as it was 🙂

What else? We’ve owned… 5 Saabs with the OnStar feature.

Some good and bad there. Our 1st OnStar experience in our 2000? never got fully right, the phone never fully worked, and they kept asking if we were in a purple Cadillac for about 2 years, no joke. Hmmm, if we’d had an accident, and the OnStar sent help, would they have found us in the Viggen or kept looking for a purple Sedan De Ville they were sure we were driving?

2 other OnStar activations, wonderful, and darn it, wasteful and useless as the service was (find us a restaurant please, during the free trial with all features) offered us a Burger King 40 miles away. OK, it was 2000 and they were not up to speed.

But the last OnStar activation? Finally done, all for the sake of, well safety / theft tracking but also to not have to mess with bluetooth and our cruddy older mobile phone.

But this last OnStar activation was not smooth or easy, the OnStar was graciously replaced by previous owner but not fully installed / activated… don’t ask me, a second dealer visit and 3 days later it was ready to activate, after me driving around for another hour in the rain while they figured out what was wrong.

They never asked if this blue car was a Caddy but they did ask if Saab was a GM brand and a lot of other questions that make a Saab fan want to cry 😉  Yes, it is a car brand. A sedan, 4 doors, etc.

Thankful to have these 3 wise cars, but weird not having my old stick to drive, and the Viggen… not allowed out in the rain since I don’t expose it to anything other than good weather.

And that, is the week in Saab from our corner. Hoping we can avoid the dealer for a bit but I think Mr. Blue may have other intentions. Winter will tell… but he’s clean and ready to get dirty all over again.

2 drivers, happy enough with the fleet, if things work and no one gets stuck in “park” again.

The 2 dogs? Don’t care which Saab they ride in and may get car sick on any color leather and carpet, unless we drive with windows open and cold air blowing even if in the dead of winter. Dress warmly, if the dogs are going with us!

Happy motoring to all no matter what you drive.

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