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Somebody stop me!

Not that anyone reads this blog other than a few friends but I’m posting anyway.

If have a disease, or an addiction to Saabs.

I’ve yet to muster the courage to place ads to sell any of our 4 Saabs.

Yet we are buying another. That brings us back up to 5 for now, and #9 in our lifetime.

Red and MomCat 5-5-2011

The blue 2009 9-3X in photo above with “my” “Red” 2002 9-3 was purchased new by a dear friend before Saab became NEVS, and that dear friend is going rogue and back to Volvo where we may end up eventually.

Blue (Inga) has 41,000 miles on her. She’s minty fresh, loved and gently driven, and I want her.

So here comes Saab #5 (or 9) and I DO want to sell, sort of, the 2002 and the 99 Turbo.

Nothing wrong with the 2002 or 99, but I’d like to put our 2011 in the garage, and Mrs. Saabnuts agrees she would too.

Not that anyone would care but we think we will make the 2009 the new daily driver and keep the javamet 2011 with it’s 28k lower miles on it.

Just feels so foolish to replace my 2002 with only 56k on it, nothing wrong, no rust, and to give up our 2nd to last hatchback and 3rd to last manual transmission Saab.

We’re hoping someone else will be tickled to find well loved Saabs if I get the nerve up to let them go, dying breed as we may be.

But even this Saab nut has limits, or should.  But for now it will be fun to make the neighbors whatever they are, seeing us jam another Saab onto the property… I know my family won’t like it and maybe that’s reason enough to buy a car we don’t “need” 😉

The Viggen is staying too. How many mint Viggens are there with only 15k on the odometer that haven’t been beaten?


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Selling a Saab or two

Saab 99 Turbo 7-11-2012 006 copy 500

Woody and Red matching 02 9-3's

I think it is time for us to let 1 or more of our 4 Saabs find new homes.

We currently own

  • 2011 9-3X sedan in javamet (one of only 6 in the U.S. in that color if I am not mistaken)
  • 2000 9-3 Viggen 5 door in silver
  • 1978 99 Turbo 3 door
  • 2002 9-3 SE 5 door we named “red” just to keep the cars straight when we had two of these

There are only 2 of us here, and while owning 4 Saabs is more “reasonable” than the 6 we owned simultaneously in the past, I think we have too many cars.

Our passion for these cars is no less than it ever was but we want to simplify our lives.

I work ridiculous hours, 7 days a week and Mrs. Saabnuts also works too many hours.

We don’t take the drives we did when younger to truly enjoy these cars as they deserve.

With that in mind, that terrible word “practical” had to be considered.

We both want to keep the 99 Turbo and yet in some regards while the “coolest” looking to both of us it is the least practical to keep.

The 2011 we purchased this year as a daily driver so that gets to stay.

Next question asked of selves, keep the 2002 9-3 or the Viggen?

The Viggen is pristine, 15k miles on it. Never been left in a parking lot near door dingers, etc. Our baby.

But is a 2000 Viggen practical for me?

I’ll spare you my entire, painful circular thought process, and say that the 2002 is likely the one to go up for sale next.

It’s got 53k on the odometer and in fine shape save for the clear coat delaminating on the hood from being an outdoor baby.

I no longer drive much at all, ever, and when I do, it’s just too easy to take the 2011 9-3x and enjoy all of the comfort and bells and whistles of a well equipped modern Saab even though it is not as much fun as any of the other Saabs.

Heck, I admit I love that it has onstar hands free phone, blutooth, ability to let me plug in the mp3 player, etc. but also all of the modern safety and comfort stuff.  It is a Saab tank, safety wise and I do like that.

As much as I love the 2002 red guy, the Viggen is surely more special and fun.

So there you have it, our plan for becoming a 2 Saab / car family.

So boring and depressing to this guy who loves these cars and collecting.

Someone will get some very decent and well loved cars out of us but we are not desperate to sell either.

This crazy Saab man is at the point here if they do not sell easily for decent money I may just give them away to the right people.

Yes, I’m an idiot, but a generous one who has already given away 2 Saabs previously.

Then again, nothing is stopping us from keep all 4.

Can you tell I don’t really WANT to give up any of them? 😉

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Saab website, Saab Planet

I am late to this party, late discovering this website but I like it.

Have you seen Saab Planet?  If not, you may wish to check it out.

Nicely done!

Everything my Saab blog never was, and I mean that in a genuine and positive way 🙂

Posted by: saabnuts | May 22, 2015

Saab 9-3X Driving Impressions

2011 Saab 9-3X home 1w

It’s about one month since we brought home the 2011 Saab 9-3X pictured above.

It was hit by a deer early on, survived and has been a great car so far.

Who cares about the driving impressions of a sort of used car, new to us?  I do not care if my writing has no audience, and am writing about it anyway.

Perhaps someone else is in the market and likes these cars.

The 9-3X being the first automatic transmission car we’ve owned in over a decade is an adjustment for me BUT I’ll admit this aging guy doesn’t mind not shifting for tooling around town doing errands and on roads with plenty of stop lights, etc.

The right automatic transmission & car combination does not bother me.

One of the vehicles we previously owned looked a little like the car pictured below.

Classic Volvo 244 sedan from rear

Classic Volvo 244 sedan from rear

We owned a 1984 Volvo (244) GL and loved the car.

It was NOT an exciting ride but it was comfortable and safe and gave its life saving my wife when hit (t-boned) in the driver’s door by a big Buick doing 60MPH or so.

But I always liked that Volvo, it was sturdy, predictable and it had a nice automatic that knew when to downshift, when to upshift etc. all before the days of modern electronics assisting in these areas.

Oddly enough, or old metallic brown Volvo reminds me of the metallic brown (javamet) Saab 9-3 X.

Both have 4 cylinder engines though the Volvo sported a 2.3 litre non-turbo engine and 4 speed (3 plus overdrive) transmission while the 9-3X has a 2.0 turbo and a 5 or 6 speed automatic.

Even though it has been 21 years since I drove that Volvo of ours, I’ve driven other 240 series Volvos since.

And while many Saab owners may wince at the idea of their Saab feeling Volvo-esque, I do not mind for this car.

It’s our daily driver, solid, steady, predictable and safe feeling.

It’s just so strange to me to be driving another boring Swedish sedan around that feels like the old Volvo only MANY times better of course.  Even the steering feels a familiar sort of heavy, not overly power assisted in the 9-3X I think in part to large 17 inch wheels and XWD.

The engines even sound similar to me since both cars have / had stock exhaust systems versus the louder stuff I generally prefer.

I only wish Saab were still producing cars because we’d keep on buying them.

Even if they are not making cars now and may never make cars or the same types of cars we prefer, I thank everyone who made these cars for doing what they did, they way they did.

It may be years off before we need to replace another car but we dread not being able to buy another Saab.

For now we are both thrilled to have a more modern car and to putt putt along in when not asking for turbo assistance, though that of course is always fun.

Happy and safe motoring to all.

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A new car does not stay new

Our new 2011 Saab 9-3 X or AWD isn’t really a new car but is new to us, and never before owned except as a dealer car.

We have had too many near colissions with deer in our area. to count, and until now only once previously did we hit any with our cars.

My prior deer hit was in the 1980’s in my 99 EMS when when stopped, and a deer charged the Saab,  hit me head on, went up over the hood, windshield, an open sunroof and off the back hatch & turbo tail.

Nary a scratch was left behind, just a lot of fur and an injured deer.

But tonight my wife was not lucky enough to miss an animal again and had a deer run into the 9-3X, though most fortunately my wife is ok, and the Saab will survive.

2011 Saab 9-3X Deer accident damage 4-30-2015 002

Though she had precious little time to react my wife managed to stop the Saab but the deer still ran into the car.

Deer seem to panic near some cars in our area, and I suspect other animals panic in this way elsewhere, making avoiding them difficult to impossible sometimes.

The deer managed to go up over the hood and front of the car, tumbling end over end, barely making off the other side of the road.

Don’t know if the deer is ok, it hit hard, but it was not in an area where my wife or local police could easily find it in the woods.

I’m still relieved my wife was in a Saab and believe if you take a deer or moose hit, these are THE cars to be in.

Two little dents on the hood, and a loose radiator grille I hope to pop back into place… and a lot of fur, much of which was removed before photos.

2011 Saab 9-3X Deer accident damage 4-30-2015 006

I am so glad that my wife is ok, and it amazes us both that the car is fine too, which is just a bonus.

It was not a fun experience for my mrs.

We feel terribly about the poor animal but these encounters are all too common and sometimes unavoidable. It wasn’t a “clean kill” if you will pardon the use of that term if it offends, causing some guilt about the animal meeting a painful, prolonged end.

Thumbs up to my wife’s eagle eyes, and her safe and great driving skills, because it could have been so much worse, making really happy that my mrs. made it home to me 🙂

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2011 Saab 9-3 Awd pics 1st morning home

Loving our new 9-3 Awd Turbo4.

Took a few morning pics before it was taken to its 1st day at the office.

Enjoying also how the color changes in different light.

This morning the car looked a deeper chocolate color than when we saw it in the sunlight of the weekend during our test drive.

Not the first “brown” colored car in our families, but one of the prettiest.

Never thought I’d enjoy a brown car again 😉

2011 Saab 9-3X home 1w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 2w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 3w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 4w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 5w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 6w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 7w 2011 Saab 9-3X home 8w

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