Posted by: saabnuts | June 30, 2012

My Difficult Decision

GM Heritage 1976 Saab 99 Turbo

GM Heritage 1976 Saab 99 Turbo from

With nothing better to write about I thought I’d share my idea of a great problem to have if you can even call it a problem.

Summer is here in our part of the world and for us that means it’s generally the kind of weather when we drive the Viggen and 99 Turbo more, since we keep them off of salty, nasty, winter roads.

My so called dilemma?  Which Saab do I want to drive?

We will likely hit the road more than once this weekend just to enjoy the Saabs, so there will be a chance for both cars to be driven and enjoyed.

In my opinion, this is a great problem to have… not being able to decide which Saab to drive.

Another goofy thing I enjoy about owning so many Saabs which will sound equally ridiculous… when I grab the wrong set of Saab keys.  I love having so many Saabs that I mix up the keys.  Sure it means a trip back in the house for the right keys but I feel extra lucky when it happens and realize how happy I am to have cars we treasure so much.

I don’t mean to sound boastful or a braggart, but this is honestly some of the stuff that I enjoy about being fortunate enough to have some nice Saabs to drive.

Pardon the use of an old ad slogan from Saab, but I do hope we can “find out own road” as we enjoy our Saabs, which most often is when we are not on busy roads but instead have quiet country roads to enjoy… just us, curves, hills, scenery and our Saab(s).  Perhaps I’ll take some pictures to share.  Most often I am too focused on enjoying driving and miss the Saab photo opportunities!

Hoping that you too are hitting the road just for fun in your Saab this weekend.

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