Posted by: saabnuts | June 28, 2012

Which red Saab?

Red Saab

Pictured above is the one we simply call “Red” or sometimes “mine”

We have another Saab just like it, save for a few differences like climate control versus plain old AC, and full black leather seats versus cloth with leather accents.

Why am I even mentioning this again? Because we are about to take our pups / dogs to the veterinarian for check ups.

As usual we will debate which Saab to take.  “Mine” aka “Red” was the designated dog hauler for some time, largely due to the cloth seats being easier for our Dachshunds to sit on without sliding around.

“Woody”, the other red Saab has of late become the designated hauler even though the seats are more “slippery” for the dogs.

Why?  Because I’m neurotic about not wanting to put mileage on the “Red” one needlessly since it is a “baby” with only 54,000 miles on it, while Woody has a well worn 175,000 miles on him.

If you needed proof about me being “extra nutty” about our Saabs, here is a little bit of evidence for you.

Perhaps I’ll sound a tiny bit more sane if you chalk this up to my wanting to preserve our Saabs until new ones are available again.  😉

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