Posted by: saabnuts | February 21, 2012

Saab 9-3 2.0 Turbo in snow & ice


This is my kind of day in a Saab.  Slippery driving surfaces and few cars around to interfere with my fun!  Then again a nice summer day in a Saab convertible is also a wonderful experience.

It is the kind of driving shown above that always made us love our Saabs even more than we do the rest of the year.  Having driven Saabs since before the days of traction control and electronic stability, I’ve long admired their handling on any road surface.

I find it fun as well to turn off the traction control and ESP in cars in bad weather and find out how good or bad they actually handle without computers correcting for the driver.  That is another area where Saabs impress me, as they handle well even without those enhancements, though the ESP and TCS do make driving in the slick stuff easier for most people… I sometimes I enjoy a challenge and slalom skiing with our little Saabs.

I truly hope to see good news about Saab soon and that the same people who designed and built Saabs for so many decades are allowed to get back to work.


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