Posted by: saabnuts | February 6, 2012

We are many, we are SAAB video from the Czech Republic

Thank you yet again to those who attended these rallies, recorded video and shared it with the world.

The description reads:  “Over 60 cars gathered on a frosty Sunday morning in Brno. Friends from Slovakia, Spain and Belarus also took part in our event. We expressed our support to the workers in Trollhattan and following the formation of the squadron we flew through the countryside to keep the spirit of Saabism. At Brno Grand Prix parking we unfolded banners and held a speech, followed by a minute of silence for sadness and a minute of noise as a sign of our never-ending hope. Later in the afternoon, we had an opportunity to meet a famous Czech rally racer (driver of Saab 96 in the 1970´s), inventor, author of several books and the witness of Saabists life in the past century, Dr. Hubert Prochazka. Our Prague cell convened with 40 cars on the same day. We are delighted to be part of this global family. We are many, we are Saab.”

I LOVE the tiny Saab too!  Yet another Saab we’d like to have in our collection!

Simply incredible – people showing their support for these cars and most of all the wonderful people who built and will hopefully build Saabs again.

Also loved the Saab police escort car.  So cool!  Every Saab convoy should have one.  I must say also that all of these events impress me, though some really tug at my heartstrings more than others.

Yes, please put the Trolls back to work and we need new Saabs!


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