Posted by: saabnuts | January 6, 2012

SAAB vs Scepticism

While I enjoy reading many Saab oriented websites on a daily basis including to catch up on Saab news, I want to remind readers or introduce them to what may be a lesser known Saab site but which is outstanding in my opinion.

SAAB vs Scepticism is an enthusiast / Saab owner site with wonderful writing and beautiful photography.

If you haven’t ever been, or visited recently, I encourage you to visit and read while enjoying the photos.

Be sure to check out the author’s posts on all Saabs being limited editions… there have been many wonderful write-ups “postmortem”, some of which were excellent and perhaps I’ll get around to linking to them.

For now I want to be sure readers have a chance to check out the posts I’m recommending as they are of a different tone than many and I truly appreciated them.

Griffin up to all.


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