Posted by: saabnuts | January 2, 2012

Swadeology site by Steven Wade

Steven Wade of Saab

Steven Wade

Saab enthusiasts & regular visitors to our site are likely familiar with Steven Wade aka Swade, who was most recently working at Saab.

If you haven’t already found the following site to continue enjoying Swade’s writing, be sure to visit

Swadeology blog of Steven Wade

click image above to visit Swadeology website

Whatever the future brings for Saab, which I hope is to resume production in Trollhattan under new ownership, I want to wish Mr. Wade well in his future endeavours.

I thoroughly enjoy Swade’s writing style and content even when not about Saab, and hope you will as well.

I also hope that the auto industry and media recognize the talents of Mr. Wade, and employ him to do what he does so well through his writings, if he chooses to pursue similar types of work.

Go Swade!   🙂

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