Posted by: saabnuts | December 18, 2011

Is GM management brain dead or just a corporate bullying club?

SAAB logo with Griffin

Like many Saab enthusiasts we are waiting for news from Sweden on the continued reorganization of Saab, which is expected Monday during the day.

Having seen a few reports quoting General Motors who indicate that they will not support Saab’s continuing efforts to reorganize and restructure, we are disappointed to say the least.

Once again I find myself somewhat surprised by the inanity of those making statements and decisions at General Motors.  Saab has not yet presented itself in court and GM has handed down their edict in advance.  That is ridiculous and not how successful businesses is conducted.

Not long ago General Motors argued that it was more cost effective to close Saab with other divisions than to allow it to be sold.  That was nonsense.

In what seems a similar situation just two years later we see reports that General Motors is stating that it will not support additional restructuring efforts by Saab and mentions of GM’s concerns of intellectual property in the Chinese market it Saab is allowed to move forward with the latest plans.

I say nonsense again.  I know both independent and dealer Saab master techs / mechanics.  I share their opinion that there aren’t any secrets under the hoods of  Saabs that are going to hurt GM if Saab has Chinese business affiliations.

It is 2011 going into 2012.  Technology changes quickly.  Whatever is in current Saabs will likely be outdated in short order no matter who has invested in Saab.

As Steven Wade of has pointed out on more than one occasion, Ford found a way to work with Chinese investors and allowed Volvo to flourish rather than being suffocated slowly as seems to be GM’s choice for murder of a company and putting countless people both at Saab and affiliated companies out of jobs.

To be clear, Mr. Wade did not reference GM suffocating Saab, those happen to be the words that come to mind for me at this moment.

So we wait – for news from Sweden and we hope not only for good news about Saab, but for the chance that not everyone at General Motors is brain dead, and that when the time comes for GM to respond after Saab’s court date on Monday, that the suits at GM will recognize the chance to make a little more money off of Saab’s continued existence, rather than behaving like a mindless, corporate bully ready to inflict devastating wounds upon Saab and itself.

As harsh or charged as my words are, I simply hope that the Swedish courts and other authorities also recognize the need for Saab to be allowed to continue and to survive and thrive, for all the jobs it supports and creates, and in consideration of how many people recognize the value in this brand and its employees.

It would be a shame if the government officials involved in Saab’s reorganization also squander this chance to help Saab right itself the week before Christmas, and after such enduring and impressive efforts on the part of so many to see this company through to a new and profitable future.

GM should also consider the negative marketing attention that will come from wielding an axe rather than a handshake, if it alienates the intelligent, dedicated and vocal Saab comminity.


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