Posted by: saabnuts | December 11, 2011

Why Saab SHOULD survive

SAAB logo with Griffin

I hope you have been following Saab news if you are as passionate about the brand and its employees as we are.

Unfortunately as of the time that I’m writing this post, we’ve yet to read the news we await of Saab’s new ownership arrangements (still in the works) and plans to move ahead.

I would like to thank everyone at Saab who has remained loyal to the brand and products, along with the Saab dealers who have stuck with Saab through these most difficult times, and Mr. Victor Muller for saving Saab over a year ago and continuing to pursue finding the right fit for Saab to survive and thrive.

My latest “wish list” for Saab, in addition to simply emerging from the current circumstances and resuming production, includes several things.

Saab needs to have someone (assuming this is required by Swedish courts) who has the best interests of the company and employees in mind, and who will cooperate with Saab to find the solutions to Saab’s needs.

GM, who was bailed out by United States and Canadian tax payers, may need a reminder of that fact and to wake up and recognize that it likely makes better business sense to participate in helping Saab emerge from the current situation and become a successful partner, rather than wasting our money while doing nothing to assist its former division.

Saab makes incredibly versatile cars and crossovers that offer features and a driving experience like no other.  While Saab has a loyal following from people like us, it is also more than capable of greater, mass appeal as was evidenced during the years when Saabs sold in record numbers.  Saabs do not have to appeal only to those of us who previously owned Saabs, and given the chance to prove that again, I am sure I will be proven correct.

Saab is and has been a pioneer for the auto industry for so many things.  The very first Saabs featured front wheel drive and aerodynamic designs, something that the rest of the industry took decades to adopt.

Saab had features like split circuit braking systems, 3 point safety belts, windshield defrosters, heated seats, active head restraints, side air bags, side impact protection, turbo charged engines, efficient engines, and the ability to haul far more cargo than anyone ever believes will fit into a Saab.

Even older Saabs manage to compete with the most modern cars and SUV’s for gas mileage, safety, comfort, handling and cargo carrying capacity.  The newest Saabs manage to carry on these great Trollhattan traditions and should be allowed to continue to do so.

I’d like for Saab to ultimately have the options to utilize parts from sources other than GM, assuming GM may prefer that as well in the long term, though honestly, I do not care where Saab gets parts, simply that the employees of Saab are allowed to do what they do best.

We Saab owners are a passionate bunch and rightfully so. I am reminded as usual of many Saab slogans including “we don’t build compromises, we build Saabs”, and “people who test drive a Saab usually buy one”.

Again I will mention that I’ve had the pleasure of driving many, many extravagant cars in my lifetime, and yet we CHOOSE to drive Saabs.

Sure, it is fun to drive a nice Mercedes or BMW convertible, until you have to pay for repairs, or until it snows, or until you see the gas mileage you get with spirited driving, or until you want to bring home a grandfather clock from the store, or anything else that people tell you won’t fit in that Saab.

So please – GM and everyone else responsible for making the decisions that will allow Saab to survive, wake up and participate in a meaningful and helpful way.

Stop wasting precious time and get on with your work and help this company and its employees get back to work.  Sweden needs this and so does the rest of the automotive world.

Thank you.


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