Posted by: saabnuts | December 10, 2011

Our Viggen exhaust at idle

Yup, I am back with Saab exhaust videos

This time it is our own 2000 Saab Viggen’s exhaust.

Sorry, I did not want to put the camera on the ground and then go rev the engine as this was the Viggen’s “cool down” time after taking me around this afternoon.

Our Viggen is “stock” but with every available option for 2000… except heated rear seats?  I’m not sure if those were offered when we ordered our Viggen.  We ordered on the first day it was possible to pre-order a 2000 Viggen and took delivery almost 12 years ago (the anniversary is this coming Tuesday). Yes, it matters that much to me  🙂

The exhaust may also be SLIGHTLY modified.  I”m no longer 100% positive of this but I think there was a one time offering in a Saab accessory catalog for a genuine Saab upgrade to the Viggen exhaust which our dealer installed to make it the tiniest bit louder than stock.

I recall the upgrade being almost as difficult to locate as the performance exhaust on our 1994 Saab 900 SE Turbo.  That exhaust was only shown ONCE in a Saab accessories catalog and our dealer searched for a very long time until they found the catalog with the ever elusive part numbers.  That was beyond worth it and one of the meanest sounding Saabs we ever owned. Darn it, I still miss that car  😦

But oh how I adore this Viggen and DRIVING IT!  🙂


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