Posted by: saabnuts | November 4, 2011

Saab cargo capacity and the non-believers

A Saab featured in an Ikea ad courtesy of Saab History

As mentioned previously when I posted the photo above (from, I am certain I could get those boxes to fit easily.  I am not kidding.  I’ve moved more times and more people than I can count in Saabs and made things fit that no one believed would fit.

I was reminded of the incredible cargo capacity of Saabs while reading the General Bulletin Board @ and this thread appeared.

It was entertaining to read how many other Saab owners have shared similar experiences to ours.  People we have helped move, people at stores and warehouses, and people I’ve worked with never believed what we got into our Saabs.

Our list and the lists of other Saab owners includes:  grandfather clocks, riding lawn mowers, water heaters, generators, clothes washing machines and dryers, snow blowers, sofas, bookcases, beds, drum sets, and so much more.

We purchased tons of furniture over the years ourselves including bedroom sets, a grandfather clock and some of those appliances such as snow blowers, generators, etc. and no one ever believed we would make it home without paying for delivery.

We’ve had people standing around loading docks an parking lots watching us put full patio sets of furniture, including giant table umbrellas into Saabs and drive away.

There was occasion where a friend stayed behind for one of two loads of furniture because we had two Saab loads to transport, and another where a friend sat in one of the backseats with the other folded down, and the front passenger seat flipped forward for a really long load, but we did it – we got our own stuff home with ease.

A favorite memory of mine is of when I worked in a furniture store and owned my first Saab.  A couple cam in and bought a huge chair.  The store / my bosses wanted to arrange delivery and the wife in the buyer couple insisted the chair would fit in her Saab.  I chimed in and said, it will fit.

Of course, no one believed the wife or me, until we took the chair outside and the Saab swallowed it up.  The husband was in disbelief, and I clearly remember the wife saying something to her husband along the lines of “it’s a Saab, it will fit”.

As rewarding as that was, it lead to the store owners not using their gas guzzling delivery van and paying me instead to deliver things in my Saab after that.


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