Posted by: saabnuts | October 29, 2011

SAAB vs Scepticism asks if Saab owners friendlier

Saab-vs-scepticism new header

The always interesting SAAB vs Scepticism website offered a post a while ago asking whether Saab owners are friendlier than drivers of other makes of car or simply sharing a common bond with Saab owners.

I likely can’t necessarily answer the question but have owned Saabs for 25 or so years and found that some Saab drivers do share a common bond with us.

We’ve enjoyed finding, like other Saabs owners, that we come out to our Saabs in parking lots to find that other Saab owners chose to park near us, even when a parking lot has many spaces much closer to the store.

We’ve also enjoyed the light flashing, waves and other friendly gestures from other Saabs owners, and the almost routine experience of trading smiles and compliments about our Saabs with other Saab drivers.

Also incredibly common for us has been the experience of having people in other cars come over to us to tell us they love our Saab, and miss their old Saab.

Having sold a few of our older Saabs last year, we too now find ourselves offering these sentiments to the owners of classic Saabs, and looking longingly at these older Saabs that we no longer have.

Decide the answer for yourself, but I do recommend you check out the link above and the beautiful photos on SAAB vs Scepticism.

P.S. I just noticed and am in awe of the changing headers on the SAAB vs Scepticism website.  My compliments again to the owner of the site on doing such a wonderful job with the aesthetics of the website.  Click around their site and see for yourself.

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