Posted by: saabnuts | September 21, 2011

2007 Saab 9-3 Aero acceleration


Believe it or not, I do not post every Saab video I find on youtube.  There are many similar videos on youtube of instrument clusters aka the dashboard while people put their Saabs through the paces.

I’ve chosen to post the above as it illustrates something non-Saab drivers may not realize… what it is like to drive a Saab, even a stock Saab, and what kind of efficiency AND power Saabs provide.

As the youtube description tells us:  “Title says it all. 60-120mph (actually kinda close to 130) pull running Exxon Supreme 93 in the tank. The Saab is bone stock so this pretty much shows you highway acceleration ability before upgrades.”

This is something we treasure in our Saabs, just getting onto highways that often lack a lot of room to reach highway speeds to merge into traffic.  Saabs simply get up to speed so gracefully and without even trying… all while providing excellent fuel economy (at least for me, I do know that many people push their Saabs harder than me and don’t manage fuel economy quite as high as mine).

Even after 25 years or so of owning several Saabs, I still get a smile on my face and am amazed every time I get on a highway and have the chance to see how easily the Saabs accelerate.  Being able to pass slow moving vehicles with ease is another treat when driving our Saabs .

The fun of Driving Saabs hasn’t worn off for me.

If you don’t drive a Saab, find out what I’m talking about…

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