Posted by: saabnuts | September 5, 2011

Swedish Car Day 2011 Videos


Above is a Saab 95 Estate / Wagon posted to youtube by “Clubby Clubman” – thank you for posting!

Next video from the same person – thank you again!  Some cool Saabs and Saab exhausts (perfect for my ongoing Saab exhaust theme – ha ha), and a few cool Volvos in the mix as well.

I know that not every Saab owner is a Volvo fan, but I am both… and Swedish car day is a little bit of heaven on earth to me.  I’m disappointed we didn’t make the event this year… perhaps the next one.



If anyone who attended SCD 2011 have photos or video they are willing to share with fellow Saab and Volvo fans, please feel free to leave a comment and link to your photos or videos.  Thanks!

Update:  Swade has posted photos from Swedish Car Day 2011 courtesy of Mark S @ Inside Saab by Steven Wade.

Also check the comments on the link above for additional photo link(s) for 2011 SCD.


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