Posted by: saabnuts | August 21, 2011

Rainy Saab 9-5 drive


A video recorded from inside the safety of a Saab 9-5 on a rainy drive.  The title (My safe Saab 9-5) got me thinking…

I often mention the features, safety, etc. of Saabs and do not mention all of the specific details I’ve come to learn owning Saabs for 25 years.

The video reminded me of how great Saabs drive in the rain even when going through standing water that can cause hydroplaning in other vehicles.

Unlike other vehicles we’ve driven including 4 wheel drive Jeeps, trucks and cars, Saabs handle driving in rain like nothing else on the road.  We aren’t afraid to drive our Saabs in monsoon like conditions, even though we had MANY frightening experiences in the rain on flooded highways and roads in OTHER makes of cars and trucks.

It isn’t simply enough to have front wheel drive, all wheel drive or traction control in a vehicle.  Drive a Saab in heavy rain or on icy winter roads and you’ll find out what I am talking about… what it means to have a car that you enjoy driving on dry surfaces, but that also maintains sure footed, PREDICTABLE and safe handling when the roads become more dangerous for people who don’t drive a Saab!  Even our older Saabs without traction control are wonderful to drive in poor weather.

Perhaps this helps people who haven’t yet owned a Saab better understand the passion many of us have for Saabs.  The predictable handling of Saabs, which goes back to the very first Saabs, gives drivers a confidence you don’t experience in other cars.  The predictable handling makes us better drivers who are in control of our cars even under adverse road conditions. Perhaps that make me a “control freak”, but I think there are so many wonderful things to love in a single package when you drive a Saab.

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