Posted by: saabnuts | August 14, 2011

Saab dealer provides amazing experience to a buyer

SAAB logo with Griffin

I was pleased to find some good news involving the Saab name this weekend and thought it worth sharing.

Check out this post from someone who had an amazing experience purchasing a used Saab.

Saab enthusiasts have had plenty of disappointing news to read, so this post was a treat.

It is a shame that positive experiences are not more common at some car dealers (of any brand), and a pleasure that someone took the time to write about a dealer that does things “right”.

Thank you to the person who took the time to write this post and congratulations and best wishes for continued success to the folks at Roger Beasley Saab.

Having positive experiences is part of why we love our Saabs and working with our dealer, Valenti Saab in Watertown, CT.

Visit to learn more about current models, check out special offers from Saab, or locate your nearest U.S. Saab dealer.


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