Posted by: saabnuts | July 20, 2011

Classic Saab 900 Track Video

I noticed this video thanks to Kurt from (also of In addition to being dedicated to the Saab brand, Kurt has brought us some great stuff over the years including the EXCELLENT “Saab Winning” youtube video which combines a fantastic set of video and still images familiar to Saab enthusiasts like myself, as well as the original tune and video “Saab 99 Turbo – Not For Everyone, Essential to a Few “.

Watching the video above reminds me that it is ALMOST as much fun to watch a Saab 900 on a track as it is to drive one. Well, not really, but you can’t see how cool these cars look when you are driving them 😉

Which reminds me that there is a “mirrored” glass building not far from our home that I love driving by as I can see whichever Saab I am driving reflected in the windows of the building as we drive by… I must admit that is narcissistic but I do like seeing our Saabs in motion.

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