Posted by: saabnuts | July 6, 2011

Classic Saab 900 Convertible cruising video and my Saab fuel economy

Nice day for a ride in a Saab convertible!  This reminds me that we recently took one of our red Saab 9-3’s on a day trip of around 150 U.S. miles, all back roads one way and then highway for the return trip.

Our faithful, turbo charged, 2002 Saab 9-3 managed 34 (almost 35) miles per gallon on the back roads without modifications, just good gas and my driving skills at eking every bit of efficiency out of these cars.

Oddly our highway leg of the trip managed about 32 miles per gallon but we did go faster on the highway with all of the windows open and I also enjoyed using the turbo from time to time 😉

I have managed much higher gas mileage with our Saabs on the highway but that tends to happen on different highways than the one we needed to drive recently when 32 MPG was what I averaged.

That reminds me of a t-shirt seen on the internet with a Saab log which read “no turbo. no party”.  I agree!

The trip reminds me of a friend with a Japanese hybrid who does not believe that our gas mileage is so good in a FUN TO DRIVE, turbo charged car.  I am beyond tired of people not believing me about my gas mileage… as if I have a secret mission to falsify my gas mileage.

Trust me, my usual gas mileage is not as good when the cars are being driven for more mundane purposes such as work and shopping, though I am still pleased to manage 28 to 30 MPG for my typical driving.

Honestly, my spouse does not manage the same gas mileage numbers in her daily driving, but she is also stuck idling at many traffic lights, etc. and still manages 25 MPG, but not the MPG numbers I manage on a country drive.

It isn’t magic or hype, just my years of experience driving and paying attention to the cars and where our Saabs are best able to cruise without requiring a lot of gas pedal effort on my part.

To the non-believers, take a ride with me and I will show you how I get such good gas mileage.  I still manage to have fun and enjoy the cars, but Saabs have always pulled off impressive mileage under the right circumstances for me.

No matter what the mileage, we really enjoyed our time in the Saab and the beautiful back roads of New England.

Update: Swade recently wrote an interesting piece about the fuel economy of Saabs and the ALD Fuel Economy Test in Spain.

Believe it or not, I wrote my little rant about gas mileage before Swade’s post appeared on with Swade.  Interesting coincidence, or dare I say, great minds think alike? 😉

I highly recommend reading the article from Swade above and was glad to see that others are aware of some of the simple ways that I agree can positively influence your fuel economy.


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