Posted by: saabnuts | July 2, 2011

I do not miss this weather

Saabs in snow 1-12-2011

Saabs in snow 1-12-2011

We are enjoying summer in our part of the world and these photos from January 2011 reminded me of how much I looked forward (back in January) to weather similar to what we have today.  Thank goodness for summer!

I noticed that these near twin Saabs look alike buried under snow or when thawed.  No surprises there. They ARE twins after all.

Snow and Saabs 1-23-2011 009 500

Woody and Red 1-23-2011

This weekend will be a Viggen and 99 Turbo weekend for us, though the red twins will also see some driving.

Similar to Saab on facebook, I wonder – are you driving your Saab(s) anywhere this weekend? 🙂

Happy trails to all.


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