Posted by: saabnuts | June 26, 2011

Bare Naked Saab 900 SPG

Charles River Saab Hill Climber

Charles River Saab Hill Climber

Found via the Charles River Saab blog and with Swade, is the modified Saab 900 SPG re-designed with specific purposes, including for the hill climbing event at Mount Washington in the U.S.

I highly recommend reading the articles above and as always enjoy the style of the writers.

Following is the final paragraph of Mr. Belperron of Charles River Saab:

“Could I drive a bare-naked car every day? Almost. A C900, which I drive now, isn’t that far removed when compared to a modern car, so I think I could. I would want to keep some insulation, normal seats, and a heater and defroster are a must. I do like a sunroof but could live without one Likewise I could also do without power windows, locks, cruise control, AC and carpeting. Yes, I would also like to have a radio and clock. But not much else. The realization in all this to me was that if you like a car, then reduce that car to its bones and still like it, then you know that your passion for the car is deep-rooted and goes to that car’s essence. Toys and luxuries are nice to have, but applied to an uninspiring set of bones is like (pardon me here) putting lipstick on a pig. I bet that a lot of Saab drivers would feel the same. Take a Lexus, say, and strip it down and ask Lexus owners what they think. I bet the reaction would be a bit different. I believe that many Saab drivers would love driving a Saab sans accoutrements—not that they’d give them up for good—and this may be why we are so passionate about these cars. ”

Perhaps I am in a minority of modern Saab owners for my thoughts on this question about driving a bare bones or naked Saab, but I will remind readers that we have a 2000 Saab Viggen and a 1978 Saab 99 Turbo in our Saab collection.

I DO appreciate the creature comforts of our newer Saabs, but must stress that I also appreciate the more bare bones aspects of our Saab 99 Turbo.  I’ve yet to get around to reinstalling the factory Saab radio in our 99 Turbo and find that I don’t really miss it when driving the 99.

It certainly is more practical to utilize features such as bluetooth with our mobile phones in our newer Saabs when driving for work, but certainly on the weekends, and perhaps if I did not need or like the bluetooth convenience of our newer Saabs, I could easily picture myself driving our 99 as a daily driver without the radio and other newer comforts.

So count me in as a vote for one who does not need GPS, power windows and a lot of computers on board to enjoy our Saabs  😉

I’m afraid to ask… but is this our Saab team?


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