Posted by: saabnuts | June 18, 2011

1998 Saab 9-5 Active Head Restraint Commercial


A bizarre commercial from 1998 featuring the Saab 9-5 of the time and Active Head Restraints, one of the countless safety features pioneered by Saab.

I still cringe a bit seeing a Saab sustain damage, but it is reassuring to know that Saab takes safety so seriously to protect Saab drivers and occupants.

Need more proof of the safety of Saabs and the company commitment to safety?


Saab 9-5 Sedan earns Top Safety Pick 2011

The Saab 9-5 Sedan has earned the highest rating for crashworthiness in the United States.  The “Top Safety Pick” is awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS,, a research and communications organization funded by auto insurers in the US.

IIHS performs full tests for front impact (offset) and side impact crashes. Seat/head restraints also undergo a simulated rear impact conducted on a sled to assess protection against whiplash injuries and the roof structure tested to assess vehicle rollover protection.

Vehicles are rated as “Good”, “Acceptable”, “Marginal” or “Poor” in the various categories. To receive the “Top Safety Pick” award, cars must achieve the highest rating in all four categories and should also be fitted with ESP®.

“We are very pleased with the 9-5’s performance. IIHS is an independent body and the results of their tests are easily accessible and objective information for car buyers. It is therefore important for us to achieve good results in this type of testing,” says Per Lenhoff, Head of Safety Development at Saab Automobile.

“Our main priority, however, will always be to protect real people in real accidents, not just to do well in crash tests. It’s the core of our Real-Life Safety philosophy,” continues Per Lenhoff.

Saab’s Real-Life Safety philosophy is based on the fact that no collision is ever the same. Saab safety engineers continuously study how Saab cars behave in real collisions on public roads. The results of these studies are the basis for continued development of both design and safety solutions in cars as well as of Saab’s in-house crash testing methods.

The Saab 9-5 Sedan has already received the highest rating, five stars, in the crash tests conducted by the European New Car Assessment Programme, EuroNCAP”

Way to go Saab! 🙂

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…and remember:  People who test drive a Saab usually buy a Saab


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