Posted by: saabnuts | June 9, 2011

Saab PhoeniX Street of New York Photos by Swade

Saab PhoeniX streets of New York

Saab PhoeniX on a street in New York by Swade

I do not want to copy photos without permission but am sharing a partial copy of one of Swade’s photos of the Saab PhoeniX on a New York street from Inside Saab (home page

The first link above will take you to Swade’s post and photos.  If you haven’t seen the professional pictures from the photo session, even if you have, check out Swade’s photos as well.

This Saab PhoeniX isn’t just a concept car, it’s a real car (not just a model), and seeing it in a “real” environment (rather than in a studio or at an auto show), seems to reveal even more of how interesting and pretty the Saab PhoeniX is… like it or hate it, the PhoeniX is interesting, and the photos are well worth a look.

The Saab PhoeniX really grew on me, and I did not think it would do so as much as it has for me.  Thanks to Swade for sharing these “candid” street photos on

On a personal note, I am still disappointed to have managed to be stuck working and unable to get away during the NY International Auto Show, missing the chance to see the PhoeniX in person when it was in New York  😦


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