Posted by: saabnuts | June 5, 2011

Saab Retro Concept Cars

unofficial Saab 96 concept

unofficial Saab 96 concept rendering

I’ve done previous posts featuring unofficial Saab “concepts” including other unofficial concepts from outside Saab itself.


I see folks arriving on this site looking for retro concepts and was reminded of a car I featured previously as well as an article featuring updated Saab 96 concept cars (found on

Again, these Saabs have nothing to do with Saab itself, these are NOT real cars… just concepts / renderings.

I think they are interesting models worth sharing for entertainment and discussion.  It would be neat if Saab SOMEDAY has some limited edition / more “fun” ideas that make it into limited production.  I simply appreciate the results of creative work people share such as these concept pictures… I’m not suggesting Saab needs to build these – just enjoy the pictures.

The article linked above from February 19, 2010 reads:

“Vizualtech, a Swedish design firm that specializes in constructing virtual 3D models of cars and boats, has just released this set of five images depicting a modern version of the 1968 Saab 96.”

More eye candy for the people that like these renderings by Vizualtech:

2010 Saab concept 1968 retro2

2010 Saab concept 1968 retro3


2010 Saab concept 1968 retro5


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