Posted by: saabnuts | May 22, 2011

125MPH in a 1987 Saab Turbo

An interesting video for me which shows at around 1:50 forward, how quickly and easily a Saab can leap from legal speeds to speedometer top ends.

What you do not necessarily sense from the video is how gracefully Saabs can go from 60 to 125 MPH without becoming frightening or unstable. Sure, you hear the engine speed increase in the video of this vintage of Saab, but what you are missing is how stable and smooth these cars are at high speeds as well as driving around town at normal speeds.

I think the driver(s) had fun – and have you noticed how much fun Saab drivers seem to have? When was the last time you enjoyed driving your car?

Visit to learn more about the latest Saabs and how you can enjoy owning a car as much as we Saab owners enjoy ours.


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