Posted by: saabnuts | May 14, 2011

Saab 850GT Gran Turismo 2 stroke Video

A very nice video of a gorgeous old Saab 850 GT. I LOVE this man’s garage! Nice video with whom I believe to be Bjork for a soundtrack. I don’t know why, but Bjork seems to provide a good background for some Saab video.

If you don’t care for the soundtrack, turn off the volume. If you are looking for exhaust sounds from Saabs without music, keep looking, I have many on this blog and youtube has even more. A Bjork soundtrack fits nicely with this well done video in my opinion.

I know we’ve had fun in our Saabs getting airborne, etc. on backroads with Bjork providing the soundtrack to our drives. 😉

In my younger and more reckless driving days, nothing landed like a Saab after leaving the ground. I was always amazed at how incredibly predictable and stable Saabs behave no matter how hard you push or how poor the road conditions. It’s one of many reasons we are an ALL SAAB household!



  1. I need to meet this guy. I noticed the 850 GT has a North Carolina plate, so he’s not too far from me. Any idea who he is and where he lives?

    • Sorry I don’t know exactly where the owner of those Saabs is located but I THINK he might be on the bulletin board if you use the search function there with the name shown at the beginning of the video.

      I found him on youtube which doesn’t say much else to help you find the owner. I’ll be jealous if you get to see his classic Saabs in person 🙂

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