Posted by: saabnuts | April 1, 2011

Saab IQon System


This video and the new Saab IQon system is yet another thing that has me beyond excited about the future of Saab and Saab models.

The second video is from Swade of SaabsUnited who seems to survive on less sleep than even this insomniac Saab enthusiast! Hats off to you as always Mr. Wade and sincere thanks for all you do for Saab and Saab enthusiasts.

Glad to know I am not alone!

Some quotes from the press collected by the tireless people of

  • “Car Magazine also calls the PhoeniX “one of the few genuine surprises of the Geneva show”.”
  • “From AutoExpress: “The future is looking bright for Saab. In the boldest statement yet of its new-found confidence, the Swedish giant took the wraps off this stunning sports car concept at the Geneva Motor Show””
  • “From TopSpeed: “ Back in 2006 Saab impressed the world with the launch of the Aero-X, a concept considered a piece of art back then. But now, five years later Saab wants to amaze us once again. And they did with the launch at the Geneva Motor Show of the new Phoenix, a concept car that previews the design language of next generation of Saab cars. You have to admit, if the future Saab models will look anything like this, then the company will really raise from its own ashes, like the Phoenix bird did.””
  • “From Motor Authority:  ”clean, muscular shape” and “a 2+2 cabin that blends simplicity with technology””
  • “From Jalopnik:  They invite you to “check out the hot, sexy Swedish action of the exterior”.”

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