Posted by: saabnuts | March 24, 2011

Saab 900 Enjoying Snow

Recently added video from youtube above shows someone enjoying their Saab 900 classic in a slippery parking lot.

I believe this model MAY also be referred to by another designation though I may be mistaken, but it is neat to see a less common Saab 900 two door sedan no matter what you call it.

I enjoy these videos but have also noticed people finding this blog from search terms wondering if Saabs are good handling cars in snow.

We’ve owned many brands of cars, Jeeps, 4 wheel drive trucks, etc. We now CHOOSE to own and drive Saabs exclusively.

We live in New England and experience some fairly consistent and “poor” winters.

Aside from being fun to drive on dry pavement, economical to own and safe, etc., Saabs are also excellent on slick roads, even fun to drive on them!

The newest Saab models also include XWD all wheel drive Saabs.

The predictable handling of Saabs makes it possible to enjoy even the worst of road conditions with confidence and a smile!  🙂

The nearly perfect 50 / 50 front to rear weight distribution of Saabs is ONE factor in this predictable handling.

You owe it to yourself to test drive a Saab and find out how much fun you could be having in a Saab.


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