Posted by: saabnuts | February 28, 2011

Extreme Saab 900 Video

Another video I spotted that amused me although it makes people wonder (read the video description on youtube and comments) if it is real or not.

It certainly sounds real and for those of us who know that sound and the incredible rush of driving one of these Saabs – it nearly makes my hair stand on end and brings back the sensations I’ve experienced driving our Saabs.

Believe the video to be genuine or don’t believe the video to be real… it still looks and sounds incredible.



  1. Got to be real – my 900SE is that agressive to drive and yes in the wet I do get wheelspin at 90MPH in 6th, although inside mine the great engine noise is drowned out by the quaife box screeming.

    • Hi Alex:

      Wow! Wheelspin @ 90MPH! None of our Saabs so far have had 6 speed transmissions but I do know we could spin the wheels in nearly any gear on slick surfaces if you want to. Thanks for the comment!

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