Posted by: saabnuts | January 30, 2011

Why we will always drive Saabs

The video above is from Swade’s YouTube Channel and seems fitting to me as we have been experiencing a fair amount of snow this year.

I’ve written a few bits about why we CHOOSE to drive Saabs and our positive experiences with the brand.

Swade recently published a nice article from another Saab enthusiast that I enjoyed reading. You can read the full article on SaabsUnited here.

Some quotes I related to:

“My family had had Volvos since I can remember and the change from a Volvo 244 GLT 1981 to a Saab 9000 1987”

Our family did NOT always drive Volvos but we had many Volvos prior to my family becoming 100% Saab. Switching to Saabs is a decision we do not regret. I truly loved our Volvos but for my money, the Saabs offered all of the benefits of driving a reliable, practical and safe Swedish car with the added fun of driving something more sporty, that can still swallow a small sofa in the hatch and with better mileage and winter handling.

Back to the article quotes:

“In 1992 when I got my drivers licence, I bought my first Saab. A brown 3-door 1980 900 2.0. It might not have been a beautiful color, but it was a great car. It was comfortable, great to drive, with great winter handling. My friends in their Volvos, well they were mostly gliding around in the snow with the rear wheels spinning.”

I shopped for used Saabs for my first car and looked at 1972 and 1974 99’s and a 1979 900 GLE when I got my license. Unfortunately the Saabs were not within my reach for various reasons and my first car was a Volvo. Again, I love loved the Volvos as any teenageboy loves his first car(s), but my dream of owning a Saab didn’t become a reality until getting my first 1978 99 EMS in 1986. I still miss that car.

The author goes on to mention:

“In 1994 I got my first job and I needed a better car, so I bought my dreamcar (well almost). A 1986 9000 Turbo, Silverish blue.”

My first or is it second dream was to own a (now) classic Saab 900 Turbo which became a reality when we purchased our 1993 900 Turbo.

That has been an absolute dream car to own as well – reliable as anything on the road if not more so… a wonderful winter, spring, summer and fall car… it handled furnishing our home over 17 years, traversing nasty winter conditions, commutes, etc. and all while providing a safe, fun and comfortable driving experience.

Back to the SU article quotes – the author touches on other brands… and then writes:

“BUT in a Saab you get a combination of great performance in terms of all these features, a combination I just can’t find in any other car.”

I agree – having owned other brands of cars and driven 4 wheel drive trucks and Jeeps in the winter as well as off road on construction sites, etc. nothing has compared to the experience of owning and driving Saabs.

Saabs are versatile, reliable, safe and fun – I know I sound like a broken record and can’t stop repeating my words – but they might help explain why we have chosen to stick with Saab and are fiercely loyal to the brand and cars.

I will mention again that with recent deep snow in our area and numerous storms – I worry about being able to get out of our driveway through deep and heavy snow getting pushed into our driveway by plows, and knowing that our low to the ground Saabs (if they were another brand) might get stuck in the deep snow. Yet with every storm and pile of snow left in our drive3way, the Saabs pull out almost as though the snow isn’t there.

Our neighborhood has hills which are curvy and steep to get in from any direction. These steep and slippery hills are often littered with a sea of cars and SUV’s trying to make it in our out of our neighborhood that can’t climb the hills, hold their lane and take the corners.

We cruise by them in our Saabs and wonder why people would drive anything other than a Saab. While many around us are struggling to get traction, we actually enjoy driving our Saabs on slick roads. How many vehicles actually make poor driving conditions fun?

We used to go out whenever it snowed just to play on the slippery roads in our Saabs – so it is not as though we only go out after the plows have done their job and salted the roads – I like deep, unplowed and challenging snow and in the million plus miles or so we have put on our Saabs, we’ve never been stuck or had an accident.

Back to the SU article quotes:

“VW’s are boring, Audis are just the same (and they have looks like milk cartons – they all look the same but in different sizes), BMW is too “look at me” for my taste and too conservative, Volvos are….well…. just boring too. Toyota? No thanks, not for me.”

Hear, here!

With new products coming in 2011 and 2012, we are excited as ever to see what Saab brings to the roads and plan on being behind the wheel of the newest offerings from Saab.

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