Posted by: saabnuts | January 19, 2011

Saabs in snow

A view of our Saabs through the window on a recent winter night. The snow would have been deeper had I not been shoveling it all night. Sometimes I prefer shoveling to using a snow thrower for the cleanup.

Saabs in snow

Woody and Red sleeping in the snow

Saabs in snow

Woody in snow

Saabs in snow

SE or "Red" in snow

In my younger days I’d have taken one or both of them out in the snow at the late hour of the photos… when few others are on the roads and the plows haven’t yet cleaned up. That is one of the times I really enjoy driving these Saabs.

Saabs are loads of fun to drive in the dry and warm months too but driving on snow and ice is a different kind of fun I enjoy in Saabs more than any other car…. though I did enjoy driving Volvos in snow too, once upon a time.

Darn it – it is quite late at the time I am scheduling this post but I have an urge to go out on some steep and slippery roads just for the sake of showing off what these cars do so well in snow. It’s a shame I am so tired as there are some great roads around here to do that.


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