Posted by: saabnuts | November 28, 2010

Jason Castriota interview part III

Jason Castriota, Saab Design Director

Jason Castriota, Saab Design Director

Mr. Wade has posted his third section of his on-going interview with Saab Design Director Jason Castriota on

This is yet another interesting post and a continuation of the interview Mr. Wade has worked on with Mr. Castriota. SaabsUnited will provide you links to parts 1 and 2 of the interview if you click to SU above.

I do encourage you to read both the third part of the interview as well as parts 1 and 2 if you didn’t do so previously.

I am encouraged to read more discussion of Saab’s focus on re-energizing the company and the giant United States market for Saab; something already underway with the presence of the wonderful all-new Saab 9-5 and the coming Saab 9-4x crossover which recently had its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

It is also good news to know that Mr. Castriota and everyone at Saab is working towards the continued efforts to make Saab a lean and profitable company now that it is no longer a mere subsidiary to a large auto maker. I do believe that Saab will find success with this independence from General Motors as Saab will be able to focus more clearly on delivering the types of unique cars they have been known for in the past and still offer to buyers.

The new / replacement for the current Saab 9-3 sport sedan is not far off with expected availability around 2012. The all new Saab 9-4x crossover should be available as soon as April 2011, followed by station wagon / estate version of the new Saab 9-5, around July of 2011.

There are many interesting topics for Saab fans covered in Mr. Wade’s interview with Mr. Castriota including differences in selling cars in the American market versus elsewhere, discussion about Saab filling a niche market and perhaps continuing to do so, including the possibility of Saab returning to offering a true hatchback (something we would REALLY like to see happen).

You will also find some discussion of “known” future Saab models as well as concept vehicles, and who knows what will come… but Saab and Mr. Castriota are diligently at work on the future cars we will see on the road and at auto shows from this great car maker.

Thank you as always to Mr. Wade @ for the never ending, tireless work he does keeping the world of Saab followers informed and spreading the word about these great cars and the people and company behind the cars.

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