Posted by: saabnuts | October 13, 2010

1993 Saab 900 Turbo for Restoration

1993 Saab 900 Turbo 3 Door for parts

1993 Saab 900 Turbo 3 Door for Restoration


We are reducing our little Saab fleet from 6 Saabs down to 4.  With only two drivers here and trying to save for new Saabs – we need to reduce our number of older Saabs.

The first Saab to go will be our cherished 1993 Saab 900 Turbo 3 door classic… which was our second Saab and our first Saab purchased new (out of 7 Saabs owned so far).

Pictured above in younger days (2000?) and better condition (I need to get updated pictures for anyone interested), this car has been a truly spectacular vehicle to own and was a daily driver up until August 2010. This 900 was always maintained by Saab dealers and fed a steady diet of high octane gas, etc.

The body needs work and now has rust around the wheel wells (rear are worse than front)  and rust on the bottom inside of the passenger doors.

The car is sitting at a shop in Plainville, Connecticut and is not drivable as it has a flat front tire and the right rear wheel well has cracked, and the car is nearly sitting on the rear tire. The left rear was reinforced a few years ago due to corrosion. This was a daily driver for 17 years and Mrs. Saabnut’s choice of Saab to drive – until we got another, newer Saab (#6) this summer… but it has been an incredibly reliable and practical car to own while still being really fun to drive.

What else is good and bad about the car?

It has been owned by us since new and dealer maintained for the entire time. Nearly everything works – headlight wipers, dash controls, foglights, etc. Exceptions / non-working items are the driver seat heater (not working) – passenger seat heater works. The CD player is also finicky in some weather. It’s 17 years old… just like the car.

Oil was changed every 3,000 miles – never much more mileage in between oil changes.

The engine and transmission are original and stock and run like a brand new car. They have 175,000 miles on them and nearly everything is original.

I believe the battery is only about 6 months old.

The car has lowered, racing suspension from Swedish Auto Specialists in Oregon and Billstein shocks – condition unknown.

We have an extra anti-sway bar in mint condition (front I believe) removed when the car was lowered, and the original, carpeted floor mats (beige) as well as Saab winter, rubber floor mats, etc.

The AC system was completely redone in 2009 and blows ice cold air and was updated to use newer refrigerant.

The headliner is a few years old but relatively new and not sagging.

Motor and turbo are stock and in excellent condition – still producing what seems original power as far as I can tell… and sounding sweet at the exhaust with that sound that classic 900 turbos seem to own.

Transmission never had an issue.

Interior is leather, worn but decent. Door trim, etc. is loose and although the door panels may be fine, the carpet inserts will need to be replaced / re-glued.

It has the premium Saab factory stereo with cassette and CD and graphic equalizer. The CD player is NOT perfect but works.

Again both passenger doors have rust on bottom inside but the rest should be ok – hood, trunk, etc.

The wheels are in excellent shape.

The dash parts should all be in working order – gauges, controls, you name it.

It was fully loaded – power sunroof, windows, cruise, etc.

There is a rubber Saab trunk liner in it that protects the trunk carpet.

If you have any interest in the car for restoration or parts, please contact us via comments and we will respond via email… we will not publish your comment and keep it private and respond by email.

Owning 6 Saabs as we do – we have both older and newer Saabs to drive and hope someone else can put this special car to good use either for restoration or to restore another.

Serious inquiries only please.

The car must be taken whole  – and the taker(s) will be responsible for getting the car from the location in Plainville, Connecticut.

Thank you.


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