Posted by: saabnuts | October 3, 2010

Swedish Beauty Contest

The ALWAYS fun to drive, SAAB 99 Turbo - The 99 is what got me hooked on SAABs

If you are looking for information on the 2011 Mitchell Volvo Mitchell Saab Swedish Beauty Contest please click here.

I attended the Swedish Beauty Contest at Mitchell Saab (and Volvo) in Simsbury, CT with a few friends on Saturday.

Although this was a smaller scale event compared to Swedish Car Day, I think that everyone enjoyed themselves while meeting other Saab owners and seeing some neat examples of the cars.

I am hoping and waiting to see some photos from others in attendance who were better prepared than me (after forgetting my camera and going home to get it, I returned with my camera only to realize I didn’t bring any memory cards to take pictures).

Anyone with pictures please e-mail or leave me a comment if you don’t mind sharing your photos!

We brought the 1978 Saab 99 Turbo (pictured next to our Viggen above) and enjoyed a great Fall day weather wise.

There were many different vintages of Saabs to see at Mitchell today including examples of Saab’s all new flagship model 9-5. While it is wonderful to see new 9-5’s at the dealer – I can’t wait to start seeing them on the roads!

Some of the memorable cars today included a VERY nice 1988+/- Volvo 240 wagon (yes, I like Volvos too) owned by an equally nice fellow whose name escapes me now. If I recall accurately, this Volvo had over 300,000 miles and still looked amazing, including the interior. The owner mentioned that Volvo no longer gives out 100,000, 200,000 (and so on) badges… Personally I liked those little things that Volvo once had. I checked and found that you can buy those badges again – someone get this man a 300,000 mile badge!

Other great cars and owners that come to mind were Erin and her 1983 Saab 900 Turbo in black with a burgundy interior and Inca wheels (see an example of a 900 with the inca wheels here). If I recall correctly, this gorgeous 900 is not used as a daily driver – and it shows!

Another gorgeous car was on hand from Erin’s parents Paula & Bill – a beige 1972 Saab 96 with V4 motor. This was a stunning example of a 96 and a real treat to see in person and watch drive away later in the day.

There was a nice Saab 9000 CSE with a unique paint job and very sweet sounding exhaust. Brett was there with his beautiful Saab 9-5, and Meg brought her 9-3 Combi – both maintained to the highest standards typical of many Saab owners.

I also enjoyed meeting father and son Bill and Chris and their 1985 Saab 900 and 1973 Saab Sonett III. The red 900 was just a great and classic looking Saab – and the Sonett III is also high on my list of favorites in the Saab model history.

Our friend Dave stopped by with his 1997 Saab 900- and we enjoyed meeting other folks we’ve seen on line at Saabnet and  SaabsUnited.

Hi Meg, Brett, Jake, Mike, Paula and Bill, Bill and Chris and everyone!

A huge thanks to Bill McCarthy and everyone at Mitchell for hosting this event, having Volvos, Saabs and staff on hand and for providing breakfast, lunch and goody bags! Mitchell Volvo and Saab have LONG standing with the brands and is another impressive dealer committed to the car brands. Great job!



  1. it was great meeting you yesterday. What a great day. Here’s a link to some pics with also a farm tour at Holcomb Farm from 1756 where one of our fellow Saaber works.

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