Posted by: saabnuts | September 30, 2010

Saab on Car Talk

Saab on Car Talk on WCVB Channel 5 in Boston

Saab on Car Talk, WCVB 5 in Boston

Two Saab stories appeared on WCVB channel 5’s Car Talk program. The first is in a segment about the American car industry and talks about Saab.

Topics covered are GM’s purchasing Saab (first a 50% stake in Saab, then 100% ownership) and GM’s hope to mainstream Saab into a brand that would sell higher unit volume, but at a sacrifice to some of the uniqueness (they say quirky) of Saabs, reducing the appeal of the cars to existing Saab aficionados. GM was said to try to make Saabs more vanilla, and that Saab owners want “tutti frutti” – I think it’s more like chocolate that we want versus vanilla – but what do I know about such things? 🙂

Charles River Saab in Watertown, MA, oldest continuously operating Saab dealer in the U.S. is featured nicely in the story. The expertise, dedication and passion for Saab really shine at Charles River Saab and are exemplary of the great cars from Saab and the people behind Saab.

I think that Saab dealers will be a key to the successful return of Saab to profitability – not simply in the obvious way that dealers will sell new Saabs, but by being the kinds of dealers that are part of what makes the cars special. Dealers that make owning a Saab even better. Dealers committed to the brand and customers in a way that all other brands do not benefit from and enjoy.

Saab customers benefit from dealers like Charles River Saab and our own Valenti Saab in Watertown, CT. We consider having Valenti Saab as our dealer a benefit to owning the cars that make them more enjoyable from the peace of mind we have that the cars are running safely and efficiently and with reduced costs (change your oil regularly, and have your Saab dealer do it, so that you know the car is checked by people who know Saab, and who care).

The video above also features some Saab owners including a couple who have owned several Saabs, as an example of the dedication of Saab owners (like us).

It’s interesting to me that the video makes mention of things like quirky, different and “Cult of Saab” on the webpage, but also balances that with quotes from Charles River Saab – the folks at Charles River explain things quite well.

Saab old slogans “Find Your Own Road” and “State of Independence” are mentioned as examples of what Saab is about, and it’s good to hear a Saab technician talk about Saabs being “safe, fun, and durable”, as well as the number of years many Saab technicians have with the brand. A uncommon and wonderful dedication you won’t find in every other car brand. The techs also drive Saabs, a good sign that driving a Saab is a smart decision. Valenti Saab has technicians like this – experienced and dedicated to the brand, and who also drive Saabs and are not only knowledgeable, but passionate about them as well.

A later video segment talks about electric cars including the Tesla, and later, the Saab Electric car test fleet in Boston. Click the video below to watch the third segment.

Saab on Car Talk on WCVB Channel 5 in Boston

Saab on Car Talk

One thing that Saab must still do is sell more cars, which is what GM wanted during ownership of Saab – but Saab is now independently owned – and by people I think understand how to do both – make Saabs – quality Saabs, that aren’t diluted of the Swedish engineering that makes the cars uniquely Saab, but also how to make new Saabs more exciting and enticing to a larger car buying audience.

I think that in some regards, the quirky, uniqueness, etc. that make Saabs different are not only what appeal to Saab fans, but what can make it an admirable brand that enjoys a loyal and devoted following of owners and dealers. When others see how much you can enjoy owning a Saab and the benefits, they may consider Saab, since many haven’t found passion for the brands of car they currently own.

It speaks volumes as testament to the quality, reliability and enjoyment of Saab owners, that they become so dedicated to the brand as to never drive anything once they own a Saab. Your first Saab leads to another Saab, and so on… and to owners doing unprecedented things such as mounting a global Save Saab campaign. This is not an ordinary group of car owners or ordinary cars, and not your everyday car company that has such a dedicated following.

Other Saab owner quotes come to mind / stuck with me: “comfortable, safe, sporty, practical” – “it’s got it all going on”. Apparently, the dedication of Saab owners makes it NOT uncommon to own “6 or 7” over time – they are “fun” cars,  that we can “rationalize and convince a spouse to get”.

It no longer feels so special if we aren’t the only people who own many Saabs over time! 🙂

But we are in good company! 🙂


  1. Saab has expanded its line up to include its first ever SUV and all car models have received regular and well needed updates.

    saab service

    • Thank you Saab Service Adelaide for your comment and positive notes!

      I added you to our links / blogroll.

      Cheers from the U.S.!

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