Posted by: saabnuts | September 28, 2010

Jan-Ake Jonsson Efforts Recognized

Jan-Ake Jonsson CEO of Saab

Jan-Ake Jonsson CEO of Saab

Saabs United recently reported public recognition of the incredible dedication and efforts of Saab CEO, Jan-Ake Jonsson.

Mr. Jonsson received recognition from the Western Sweden Chamber of Commerce and more recently was recognized by the Swedish Manager’s Association.

Head on over to SaabsUnited at the link above to learn more.

For long time Saab fans, Mr. Jonsson is well known and highly respected. He stood by Saab and Saab employees through many difficult times including the uncertain periods Saab survived before emerging to be purchased by Mr. Victor Muller of Spyker.

Since Mr. Jonsson is credited with creating the SaabsUnited Award, I don’t think we can request it be awarded to Mr. Jonsson – can we? 😉

Good job Mr. Jonsson and thanks to the organizations who join Saab fans in recognizing the value of good people such as Jan-Ake Jonsson.

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