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Swedish Car Day 2010 Photos & Report

Swedish Car Day 8-29-2010 1977 Saab 99 EMS

Swedish Car Day 8-29-2010 - 1977 Saab 99 EMS

(pictured above) That’s my car! Not really, but my first Saab was a 1978 99 EMS in that color. I still miss that car even though we now have a 1978 99 Turbo… oddly enough, a near twin of our 99 Turbo was RIGHT next to the car above (pictured in my flickr haul for the day – see link below). Also note that the featured, red 1971 Volvo 142GT owned by Dave Burnham is a twin to my first two cars… a 1971 Volvo 142S and a 1971 Volvo 142E. I miss those cars and it was a bit of a mind blowing experience to see Mr. Burnham’s gorgeous 142GT up close. What a car!

I think that Mr. Burnham’s 142 ended up at the end of my Flickr upload as the photos reverse order (oldest first) once they arrive on Flickr. You will simply have to look through the whole slide show to see what my first car looked like.

We (a fellow Saaber and I) just returned a little over an hour ago from Swedish Car Day 2010 at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts.

It was a beautiful day weather wise and we had a nice drive up from Connecticut for the event. We were pleased to meet Mike aka EggsNGrits from SaabsUnited, got to meet Mr. Wade of Saabs United and hear his presentation to the audience inside the museum.

The museum has a beautiful collection of classic cars and I wish my father were along to see the cars. Dad is a true car buff, loves all cars and knows older cars quite well… and he is a major Volvo fan. It didn’t hurt when I met him that his daughter was able to tell him I came from an ALL Volvo family with 5 Volvos “under my belt”.

However, the poor chap (Dad / father in law) didn’t know that the Saab bug had already bitten me, and that we would eventually become a blended family (Volvo and Saab) and later, an ALL SAAB household. He still likes me and I like him too!

Again, we were very pleased to make the acquaintance of Mike H aka EnG and chat with him a bit – super guy… again, of course meeting Steven Wade was for me, like meeting a hero and star of the Saab world. Running this little SAABlog of mine… I never intend to walk in Mr. Wade’s shoes, but I surely admire what he has done as is also the case with Mr. Emge of

We met a few other folks from the world SaabsUnited comments (and Saabnet, et al), but really had a wonderful chance to speak with Ralph (sorry I’ve forgotten your last name already!) from Charles River Saab. Ralph has (among many Saabs) a 1968 Saab Sonett II which he let Mr. Wade drive, and is a super, super, stellar nice man. His white Sonnet is simply a dream for folks like me… yet somehow with my excitement of being there… I didn’t get a photo of Ralph’s Sonett! You can see it over at Saabs United.

I could go on and on about the day but will try to be brief by my standards. There were so many gorgeous Saabs and Volvos at the event, it was a bit like my “fantasy” parking lot. Swedish cars are one of my passions… and this was truly an awe inspiring event to see and meet so many fans of both Volvo and Saab.

I’ve got a handful (45) pictures from our wanderings today… posted on a Flickr. Here is a link to the slide show of the photos.

My only regret was not having spoken to more fans of both brands about their cars.

Special thanks to the Larz Anderson Museum and Charles River Saab for making this event a reality. I think it was a hit with the people there today. We got to meet a gentleman from State of Nine and picked up a few Saab trinkets.

Last but certainly not least… I got to see and touch the all new Saab 9-5 in person. What a car! It was larger than I imagined in person, and even more beautiful than photos can demonstrate.

I CAN’T WAIT for my coming test drive and hands on experience this week at Valenti Saab in Watertown, Connecticut! Thanks to Matt DeGruttola and everyone at Valenti who have kept me in the loop on the status of their first all new Saab 9-5.


  1. Sounds like it was great fun. Love the photos.

  2. Thanks for reading and the comment!

    It was a blast for us to be in the same place with so many other Swedish car fans and such an amazing array of Saabs and Volvos!

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