Posted by: saabnuts | February 28, 2010

Saab News Updates & Concepts

SAAB 9-3 Concept Car

For more recent Saab news click here for the April 10, 2011 updates or here for all “news posts” or check out for the very latest Saab news.

February 28, 2010:

It has been a busy week for Saab, and for me, which kept me from updating this Saab blog.

Mr. Emge of Saab History has done a splendid job as always of keeping the official Saab news up to date. I don’t know how Ryan manages (or Mr. Wade @ SaabsUnited) to keep their websites up to date and still have a career!

Here are my snippets, mostly from Saab History:

Saab was once located in Orange, Connecticut, and later built a location in or near Meriden, Connecticut before being lured to Georgia. To the governor and legislators of Connecticut, if there is any validity to this report, please do something to attract Saab to Connecticut. Nearly two decades ago when Saab left Connecticut, there was talk of trying to make Connecticut more competitive with other states in terms of attracting business, and changes were made such as introducing a personal income tax, with the promise of reducing corporate taxes, etc. Did that ever happen?

I wonder if the state of Connecticut is aware of deals that are made to attract big business, such as how Google negotiates long term tax breaks when building data centers in other states. Connecticut, bring back Saab!… if she wants to come back to CT.

Last item: I am NOT by any stretch, a car designer, nor an expert with design software or even remotely equipped to draw on a computer screen or on paper. However, that hasn’t stopped me from noodling around in photoshop this week.

Some of us are interested in the idea of a new Saab that has design cues from older models.

There are reports out that Mr. Victor Muller of Saab Spyker is interested in finding a new design that has the “Saabish” look of first generation Saabs such as the original 92.

Saab 92 UR Saab








Others are suggesting designs based upon later models:

A Saab concept car with a retro look

Again, these are merely concept cars, so I hope that the naysayers among us will relax and let us have our fantasies and fun with ideas.

NONE of us wants Saab to make a silly decision when it comes to new models, BUT we do think there is merit to exploring ideas – such as the 9-X Air – I love this little car.


OK. here’s where I am going… Some of us like the idea of having a new Saab that has some characteristics of Saab 99 / first generation 900 Turbo models. Both in terms of function (large cargo carrying capacity, a large hatch / wagonback), economical, but powerful 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine with a trubo, and an unmistakable Saabish look.

SAAB 99 Turbo ca. 1980

I’ll add that I am also a fan of the second generation Saab 900 and later original generation Saab 9-3 models.

"OG" or Original Generation SAAB 9-3 hatchback, circa 2002

When we purchased our 1994 900 Turbo hatchback, I thought it looked like Saab took a 99 or first generation 900 and puffed it up a bit.

Again, I am NOT a designer, or even someone who can draw at all, but I can CRUDELY use a mouse and photoshop.

So, I started with a Saab 900 Turbo, and CRUDELY used the smear tool to simulate trying to use an old shape for a newer car.

My thinking was that a new Saab should NOT be based upon an old design, but that a new model might have some design cues from older models, and some of those old benefits like cargo holding and styling. Again, I am NOT talking about a retro car at this point, just a new car that has some aspects of an older model in terms of looks and function we lost without hatchback models in recent years.

So again, I started with a first generation 900

Saab 900 Turbo 3 Door / Hatchback / Wagonback

and then started “smearing” away in photoshop. PLEASE keep in mind I have NO skills for this task but it did not stop me! So spare me the comments about how poor my design looks, or how misguided my efforts.

My CRUDE Saab experimental concept car based upon a classic 900 Turbo

After playing with this, I noticed that I seem to have created a weird version of the second generation 900! Not what I set out to do, but sometimes things just happen.

1994 Saab 900 SE Turbo 3 Door hatch / wagonback

I wish I had the skills to draw cars on paper or on a computer. I don’t, so this is what I get (above). It was still a fun experiment for my own sake, and I hope readers enjoy as well and can look beyond my complete lack of skills and understand that I am simply having fun as one of Saab’s most loyal and dedicated fans.

For a look at some neat concepts drawn by folks with skills and software I completely lack, have a look at this concept car recap at Saabs United! They are interesting and fabulous!

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