Posted by: saabnuts | February 15, 2010

Sale of Saab by GM to Spyker to close within a week

A Saab concept car with a retro look

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February 15, 2010:

News reports indicate that all of the major hurdles in the process of General Motors selling Saab to Spyker have been cleared, including Mr. Antonov stepping down from his chair position at Spyker, the EIB loan for Saab, etc.

Saab History is reporting that although today, February 15, 2010 was a date we have in mind for finalization of the sale of Saab to Spyker, that the deal is currently expected to close within a week.

For those of us who are perched in our chairs awaiting the final pronouncement that the deal is done, it is still a bit of a tense wait, though nothing compared to the year long struggle we endured while Saab’s future was uncertain.

We fans of Saab will wait just a bit longer to celebrate once again that our beloved Saab brand and the jobs of all of the Saab workers are safe, and to move forward with Saab and her employees into the bright future ahead for the iconic and special automaker.

The champagne is chilling once again, awaiting the popping of the cork when the sale is publicly finalized.

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